Vitality Netball Superleague Fixtures 2018

Vitality Netball Superleague Fixtures 2018


The Vitality Netball Superleague fixture list for 2018 have been announced.

Celtic Dragons begin the season on Monday 12 February when they host benecosMavericks, meanwhile the #GreenArmy will be live on Sky Sports on 14 May as the Dragons host Loughborough Lightning.

(All fixtures are correct as of 17 Oct 2017)

2018 Vitality Netball Superleague – Fixture List

Round 1

Team Northumbria v Team Bath, 10th Feb, 6pm

Loughborough Lightning v UWS Sirens, 10th Feb, 6pm

Severn Stars v Manchester Thunder, 10th Feb, 6pm

Wasps Netball v Surrey Storm, 10th Feb, 7pm*

Celtic Dragons v benecosMavericks, 12th Feb, 7pm


Round 2

Severn Stars v Wasps Netball, 17th Feb, 6pm

Team Northumbria v Loughborough Lightning, 17th Feb, 6pm

Celtic Dragons v Team Bath, 19th Feb, 7pm

Manchester Thunder v UWS Sirens, 19th Feb, 7pm*

benecosMavericks v Surrey Storm, 19th Feb, 7:30pm


Round 3

Wasps Netball v UWS Sirens, 22nd Feb, 7pm

Manchester Thunder v Team Northumbria, 23rd Feb, 7:30pm,

Team Bath v Surrey Storm, 23rd Feb, 7:30pm

benecosMavericks v Severn Stars, 24th Feb, 4pm

Loughborough Lightning v Celtic Dragons 24th Feb, 6pm


Round 4

Celtic Dragons v Surrey Storm, 26th Feb, 7pm

Loughborough Lightning v Manchester Thunder, 26th Feb, 7pm*

UWS Sirens v Team Northumbria, 26th Feb 7pm

benecosMavericks v Wasps Netball, 26th Feb, 7:30pm

Severn Stars v Team Bath, 26th Feb, 7:30pm


Round 5

Team Bath v UWS Sirens, 2nd Mar, 7:30pm

Manchester Thunder v Celtic Dragons, 3rd Mar, 5pm

Loughborough Lightning v Wasps Netball, 3rd Mar, 6pm

Severn Stars v Surrey Storm, 3rd Mar, 6pm

Team Northumbria v benecosMavericks, 5th Mar, 7pm*


Round 6

Team Bath v Manchester Thunder, TBC

Celtic Dragons v Severn Stars, 10th Mar, 4pm

benecosMavericks v UWS Sirens, 10th Mar, 6pm

Surrey Storm v Loughborough Lightning, 10th Mar, 6pm*

Wasps Netball v Team Northumbria, 10th Mar, 7pm


Round 7

UWS Sirens v Severn Stars, 16th Mar, 7pm*

Manchester Thunder v benecosMavericks, 16th Mar, 7:30pm

Loughborough Lightning v Team Bath, 17th Mar, 6pm

Team Northumbria v Surrey Storm, 17th Mar, 6pm

Wasps Netball v Celtic Dragons, 18th Mar, 6pm


2018 Vitality Netball Superleague breaks for the Commonwealth Games

Round 8

Manchester Thunder v Surrey Storm, 21st Apr, 5pm

Team Northumbria v Severn Stars, 21st Apr, 6pm

Loughborough Lightning v benecosMavericks, 21st Apr, 7pm

Wasps Netball v Team Bath, 22nd Apr, 3pm*

UWS Sirens v Celtic Dragons, 28th May, 7pm


Round 9

Wasps Netball v Manchester Thunder, 27th Apr, 7pm

UWS Sirens v Surrey Storm, 28th Apr, 2pm

Celtic Dragons v Team Northumbria, 28th Apr, 4pm

Severn Stars v Loughborough Lightning, 28th Apr, 6pm

benecosMavericks v Team Bath, 29th Apr, 5pm*


Round 10

Wasps Netball v Severn Stars, 12th Mar, 7pm

Team Bath v Celtic Dragons, 4th May, 7:30pm

UWS Sirens v Manchester Thunder, 5th May, 2pm

Loughborough Lightning v Team Northumbria, 5th May, 6pm

Surrey Storm v benecosMavericks, 5th May, 6pm


Round 11

Surrey Storm v Celtic Dragons, 7th May, 3pm

Manchester Thunder v Loughborough, 7th May, 5pm

Team Bath v Severn Stars, 7th May, 5pm*

Team Northumbria v UWS Sirens, 7th May, 6pm

Wasps Netball v benecosMavericks, 18th June, 7pm


Round 12

UWS Sirens v Wasps Netball, 12th May, 2pm

Severn Stars v benecosMavericks, 12th May, 6pm

Surrey Storm v Team Bath, 12th May, 6pm

Team Northumbria v Manchester Thunder, 12th May, 6pm

Celtic Dragons v Loughborough Lightning, 14th May, 7pm*


Round 13

benecosMavericks v Celtic Dragons, TBC
Team Bath v Team Northumbria, TBC

UWS Sirens v Loughborough Lightning, 18th May, 7pm

Surrey Storm v Wasps Netball, 7:30pm, 18th May, 7:30pm

Manchester Thunder v Severn Stars, 19th May, 5pm


Round 14

Celtic Dragons v Manchester Thunder, 25th May, 7pm

UWS Sirens v Team Bath, 26th May, 2pm

benecosMavericks v Team Northumbria, 26th May, 6pm

Wasps Netball v Loughborough Lightning, 26th May, 7pm

Surrey Storm v Severn Stars, 28th May, 7pm*


Round 15

Team Bath v benecosMavericks, 1st June, 7:30pm

Surrey Storm v UWS Sirens, 2nd June, 6pm

Team Northumbria v Celtic Dragons, 2nd June, 6pm

Loughborough Lightning v Severn Stars, 2nd June, 7pm

Manchester Thunder v Wasps Netball, 2nd June, TBC*


Round 16

Team Bath v Loughborough Lightning, 8th June, 7:30pm

Celtic Dragons v Wasps Netball, 9th June, 4pm

Surrey Storm v Team Northumbria, 9th June, 6pm

benecosMavericks v Manchester Thunder, 9th June 6pm

Severn Stars v UWS Sirens, 11th June, 7pm*


Round 17

Team Bath v Wasps Netball, 15th June, 7:30pm

Celtic Dragons v UWS Sirens, 16th June, 4pm

benecosMavericks v Loughborough Lightning, 16th June, 6pm

Severn Stars v Team Northumbria, 16th June, 6pm

Surrey Storm v Manchester Thunder, 16th June, 6pm


Round 18

UWS Sirens v benecosMavericks, 21st June, 5:30pm

Manchester Thunder v Team Bath, 23rd June, 5pm,

Team Northumbria v Wasps Netball, 23rd June, 6pm

Loughborough Lightning v Surrey Storm, 25th June, 7pm*

Severn Stars v Celtic Dragons, 25th June, 7:30pm



1st place v 4th place, 30th June, TBC

2nd place v 3rd place, 30th June, TBC


Winner SF1 v Winner SF2, 7th July, TBC


*Fixture selected for broadcast on Sky Sports