Round 4 match against Severn Stars completes double header week

Round 4 match against Severn Stars completes double header week


Celtic Dragons’ match against Severn Stars wraps up rounds three and four in the Netball Super League.

Stars’ Gabby Marshall takes the first centre pass and Ella Powell-Davies gets a tip on the circle edge to start the match. The ball goes out of play and Severn Stars take the back line and they get the first goal of the match. Dragons have smooth entry into the circle and level the scores early. Shaquanda Greene-Noel confuses the space for Stars and wins a back line. A great passage of play follows and ends with a beautiful drive to the baseline and shot from Laura Rudland. The momentum starts to swing in Severn Stars’ way, but Ella Powell-Davies puts pressure over the ball to get another tip. After a defensive rebound from Shaquanda Greene-Noel, Dragons have a great passage of play and work as a unit to get the ball to Laura Rudland who is pin point accurate with her shooting. Severn Stars remain ahead, but Celtic Dragons defence try everything to get their side level. Tips, intercepts and rebounds come, but the goal difference is by three to finish the first quarter.

Q1 Score: Dragons 11, Stars 14

Celtic Dragons make some defensive changes to start the second quarter. Hannah Leighton comes on in the centre position, pushing Clare Jones to wing defence and Ella Powell-Davies to goal defence resulting in Annabel Roddy taking to the bench. Dragons’ attack and defence work together to force a three-second call on Severn Stars, and the scores are back within two goals once again. The game goes goal-for-goal for a lot of the second quarter. Ella Powell-Davies gets an interception as she’s backing up and Dragons stay within touching distance. With five minutes until half time, Severn Stars get a slightly larger lead 18 – 22. Stars use the momentum shift to their advantage and add two more goals to the tally. Celtic Dragons respond by making a change at wing attack. Celyn Emanuel replaces Shona O’Dwyer adding even more speed into Dragons attack. With five goals the difference going into the second half, it was all to play for.

Q2 Score: Dragons 21, Stars 26

The first five minutes of the third quarter started the way the second quarter went. It was goal-for-goal, and no side could break away from the five goal margin. With ten minutes of the quarter remaining, Severn Stars started to increase the lead they had, and managed to add four more goals to their score. Laura Rudland made way for Phillipa Yarranton at goal attack, hoping to add more goals to Celtic Dragons score and to reduce the deficit. Mid-way through the quarter, the momentum had shifted Severn Stars’ way, but Ella Powell-Davies was doing everything she could to stop their flow of goals.

Q3 Score: Dragons 27, Stars 42

More changes came from Celtic Dragons as Laura Rudland and Shona O’Dwyer re-entered the court in the positions they started the match in. Laura started her final quarter off with a long shot which didn’t touch the ring, hoping to shift the momentum in Celtic Dragon’s favour. The game continued to play out the way it did in the first three quarters, but Severn Stars started to get a few more defensive turnovers resulting in a 20-goal lead to end the quarter and the match. Despite the score margin, Ella Powell-Davies continued to fight throughout the match, getting as many deflections, intercepts and rebounds as possible, and was presented with the player of the match award.

Final Score: Dragons 40, Stars 61

Celtic Dragons play Saracens Mavericks on Saturday 4th March in our next match of the 2023 Netball Super League season. Our next home match is against Strathclyde Sirens on Monday 27th March, with a themed show your international colours round! Make sure you get your tickets here, and make sure to wear clothing that celebrates your heritage, country and culture!

Player of the Match – Ella Powell-Davies

Starting 7s

Celtic Dragons

GS – Chelsea Beard

GA – Laura Rudland

WA – Shona O’Dwyer

C – Clare Jones

WD – Ella Powell-Davies

GD – Annabel Roddy

GK – Shaquanda Greene-Noel

Severn Stars

GS – Sigi Burger

GA – Grace Namana

WA – Jess Shaw

C – Gabby Marshall

WD – Sarah MacPhail

GD – Rebekah Airey

GK – Jo Tripp