Round 15 Match Report: London Pulse vs LexisNexis Cardiff Dragons

Round 15 Match Report: London Pulse vs LexisNexis Cardiff Dragons


Match Report: Cardiff Dragons Display Grit in Hard-Fought Battle Against London Pulse

In a fiercely contested match, the LexisNexis Cardiff Dragons showcased their resilience and determination, pushing the formidable London Pulse to their limits before ultimately falling 59-48. Despite the result, the Dragons demonstrated significant potential and heart.

The game began with London Pulse quickly establishing a lead, but the Dragons showed their fighting spirit by clawing back to a respectable 16-11 scoreline by the end of the first quarter. This set the tone for a competitive and thrilling encounter.

Jacqui Newton was a standout performer for the Dragons in goal defence. Her relentless effort and strategic interceptions consistently created scoring opportunities for her team and effectively limited Pulse’s star shooter, Berri Neil, within the circle. Newton’s defensive prowess was a key factor in keeping the Dragons within striking distance throughout the match.

The third quarter was particularly impressive for the LexisNexis Cardiff Dragons. They rallied with determination, narrowly losing the quarter 14-13, and continued to close the gap in the final stages. The Welsh side’s tenacity and teamwork were evident as they battled against one of the league’s strongest teams.

Despite their best efforts, the Dragons faced an exceptionally accurate Pulse side. Both Neil and Liv Tchine shot with 100 percent accuracy, making it difficult for the Dragons to close the gap completely. Pulse’s clinical finishing ultimately secured their victory.

While the result wasn’t in their favour, the Cardiff Dragons’ performance was filled with positives. The team’s resilience, strategic play, and individual brilliance, especially from Jacqui Newton, highlighted their potential to challenge even the toughest opponents.

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