Round 14 – Celtic Dragons vs Loughborough Lightning

Round 14 – Celtic Dragons vs Loughborough Lightning


Celtic Dragons vs Loughborough Lightning Match Report – 17.04.22

Quarter 1

Hannah Williams for Loughborough kick off the game with the first centre pass and Annabel Roddy gets a hand to it. Lightning get the side line and Ella Clarke gets the first goal on the board. A miss from Clarke and the rebound by Annabel gives Dragons the ball and they convert down the other end, giving them a 1 goal lead early in the game. Nothing separates the 2 sides in the first 5 minutes and both teams are contesting every ball. Lightning manage to get a run of goals, extending their lead by just the 4 goals. A huge tip from Shaquanda Greene-Noel comes, but Lightning get the side-line and manage to convert making it 16-11.


Quarter 2

Shona O’Dwyer makes her entrance to court at centre for Dragons coming into the second quarter. A pick-up from Nia Jones on the circle edge, sees Dragons draw the deficit back to 2. Both teams force their opponents to make mistakes as the game swings from end to end. Dragons manage to get a pick-up, but Beth Coben comes flying through for a tip, giving her team back the ball. Cobden is there again on the circle edge as she gets the ball for her team, but Shaquanda Greene-Noel gets the intercept at the back, keeping Dragons in reach of the reigning champions. An important tip on the rebound from Georgia Rowe sees Dragons retain possession in this goal-for-goal game. The tip and possession gain from Shona O’Dwyer almost allows Dragons to add a goal on before the half time whistle, but the buzzer sounds and the score at half time is 22-26 to Loughborough Lightning.


Quarter 3

Hannah Leighton enters the court at centre, making her VNSL Celtic Dragons Debut, which moves Shona O’Dwyer to the wing attack. Emma Rayner comes on as goal attack for Loughborough Lightning as the second half begins. Dragons ramp up the pressure and Lightning can’t seem to penetrate the goal third. Nia Jones comes through with the intercept and Dragons lead by 1 early this quarter. This match has been close all the way through, and no team is giving an inch. Loughborough make a change mid-way through the quarter, with Beth Cobden moving to centre and Ella Bowen taking the wing defence bib. Dragons are looking slick halfway through this quarter and force the Loughborough ball to go over the back line. It’s body on body and no one is letting up the pressure. Both teams look steady on attack and aren’t giving away much ball. A big rebound from Fran Williams allows Lightning to equalise with just over 1 minute to go in the third quarter. After having great impact on court, Hannah Leighton makes way for Clare Jones in the centre position. Lightning manage to sneak 2 goals ahead going into the final quarter.


Quarter 4

Vimbela enters the court at goal keeper for Lightning. Slick play from Ella Clarke kicks off the final quarter as she dishes the ball off to Rayner under the post. An intercept from Vimbela is closely followed by one from Annabel Roddy with each team showing they can match up to each other. Nia shows her desperation for the win as she keeps the ball alive for her team. An intercept from Ella Bowen allows Lightning to take their lead out to 5 goals with 8 minutes remaining. Annabel Roddy makes way for Leila Thomas, who enters the court at goal defence for Celtic Dragons. Shaquanda Greene-Noel takes a huge intercept, but is called for footwork, giving Lightning back the ball on their centre pass. Dragons are fighting for every ball, trying to close the 4 goal gap, but Lightning treasure the ball and keep the goals ticking over. Dragons aren’t letting go of this one, they want the win. Shaquanda Greene-Noel hopes to ignite the spark Dragons need by picking up a huge rebound, but it isn’t finished at the other end. The buzzer sounds and Loughborough Lightning manage to hold on to their lead as the game finishes Celic Dragons 52, Loughborough Lightning 56.



Starting 7’s

Celtic Dragons

GS- Georgia Rowe

GA- Lefebre Rademan

WA- Laura Rudland

C- Clare Jones

WD- Nia Jones

GD- Annabel Roddy

GK- Shaquanda Greene-Noel


Loughborough Lightning

GS- Ella Clarke

GA- Suzie Liverseidge

WA- Hannah Joseph

C- Hannah Williams

WD- Beth Cobden

GD- Francesca Williams

GK- Alice Harvey


Player of the Match 

Ella Clarke