Round 13 Match Report – Manchester Thunder vs LexisNexis Cardiff Dragons

Round 13 Match Report – Manchester Thunder vs LexisNexis Cardiff Dragons


Cardiff Dragons Show Grit Despite Tough Loss to Manchester Thunder

In a thrilling showdown at Manchester, the Cardiff Dragons faced off against the formidable Manchester Thunder in Round 13 of the Netball Super League. While the scoreboard may reflect a 63-44 victory in favor of the Thunder, the match was anything but one-sided, with the Dragons displaying commendable resilience and fighting spirit till the final whistle.

Despite a challenging start, the Dragons refused to let the Thunder dictate the pace of the game. Manchester came out strong, showcasing their prowess in both attack and defense, but the Dragons held their ground, determined to make their mark on the court.

As the game progressed, Cardiff’s defensive duo of Jacqui Newton and Leah Middleton emerged as the unsung heroes of the match. Their relentless pressure and strategic positioning disrupted Manchester’s attacking plays, resulting in crucial turnovers that kept the Dragons in contention throughout the game.

One of the defining moments came in the final quarter when Cardiff Dragons rallied, winning the quarter and showcasing their unwavering resolve. Their never-say-die attitude and commitment to fighting until the very end earned them the respect of fans and opponents alike.

As they regroup and prepare for their next challenge against Loughborough Lightning, the LexisNexis Cardiff Dragons can take pride in their performance against one of the league’s top teams. With their defensive prowess and fighting spirit on full display, they undoubtedly have what it takes to bounce back stronger in the games to come. The Cardiff faithful can rest assured that their team will continue to soar, fueled by the fire ignited in the face of adversity.