Round 12 Match Report – Severn Stars vs LexisNexis Cardiff Dragons

Round 12 Match Report – Severn Stars vs LexisNexis Cardiff Dragons


In a captivating showdown in the Netball Super League, the LexisNexis Cardiff Dragons clashed with the formidable Severn Stars in an electrifying encounter. Despite a valiant effort from the Dragons, it was the Stars who emerged victorious.

From the outset, both teams exhibited determination and skill, setting the stage for an intense battle on the court. The Dragons, fuelled by their ambition to secure another triumph, displayed commendable teamwork and resilience throughout the game. The players showcased remarkable agility and precision, executing strategic plays and demonstrating their prowess in every quarter.

However, the Severn Stars proved to be a formidable adversary, capitalising on their strengths and seizing control of the match.

Despite the Dragons’ unwavering efforts to stage a comeback, the Stars maintained their composure and continued to exert pressure, leaving little room for their opponents to gain ground. The Dragons fought fiercely until the final whistle, displaying unwavering determination and resilience in the face of a formidable challenge.

In the end, it was the Severn Stars who emerged triumphant, securing the victory with a commanding performance. Though the LexisNexis Cardiff Dragons exhibited commendable skill and tenacity, they ultimately fell short against their formidable opponents.