Roddy takes her second player of the match award in sensational match against Wasps Netball

Roddy takes her second player of the match award in sensational match against Wasps Netball


Wales Netball vs Wasps Netball Match Report – 9/5/22

Quarter 1

The match commences and an early turnover comes from Wasps off Dragons first centre pass. Intercepts a piece from Wasps and Annabel Roddy shows that both sides are in contention for the win early in this battle. Both teams seem to settle after a few turnovers in the opening minutes if the game. After Wasps get the lead and momentum, Dragons begin to build the pressure and Wasps throw their ball over the back line. Annabel Roddy flies for an amazing intercept and hope to draw Dragons within touching distance of Wasps but Dragons can’t convert. Errors begin to creep into Celtic Dragons’ play, and Wasps take a 4 goal lead going into the last 3 minutes of the first quarter. Shaquanda Greene-Noel snatches the rebound, but they just push the ball too far for Lefebre. Shaquanda Greene-Noel again wins the ball for Dragons finally they get the ball through the net. Dragons take the last centre pass with 15 seconds left, but can’t net goal.


Quarter 2

No changes from both teams going into the second quarter. Annabel Roddy starts the quarter off with the same intensity and gets her hand too the ball. Clare Jones gives her all and manages to keep the ball in play as Dragons look to close the gap Wasps gained in the first quarter. Rademan is called for the offensive contact and Wasps had a chance to go 5 up, but Parize misses the penalty shot. Lefebre gives her all on the rebound and manages to keep the ball in play to keep within Wasps’ reach. On the next centre pass, Annabel Roddy steals the ball and Dragons get back within 2 and the crowd lift. Shaquanda tips the ball out of Rachel Dunn’s hand, but the ball goes out for a Wasps throwing. Dragons defence has stepped up another gear and they force Wasps to replay the ball. Dragons trail by 1 goal and the Dragons greenarmy spur their team on. The tip and collection from Shaquanda Greene-Noel gives Dragons the ball and they level the scores with 2 minutes to go. Annabel Roddy follows her defensive partner’s lead and gets the ball again, but Wasps manage to get the ball back and take a 2-goal lead. Dragons manage to get the goal through the net on the buzzer after a contact call from Josie Huckle and the score is 22 – 23 to Wasps at hald time.

Quarter 3

Shona O’Dwyer enters the court at Wing attack for Dragons. Wasps move Rachel Dunn to Goal Attack and bring Gezelle Allison on to court at Goal Shooter as they have done often this season. Hannah Leighton gets an intercept off the Wasps centre pass and Dragons level the scores with less than a minute gone on the clock. They convert off the next centre pass and lead by 1 goal. Dragons get another ball, but Ella Powell-Davies gets an intercept and Wasps level. Josie Huckle picks up the rebound for Wasps and they get the ball to their attackers, but Shaquanda follows suit and gets a rebound for Dragons. Dragons are not happy with the call from the umpire and Wasps get a 1 goal lead with their centre to follow. Changes from Wasps come after the goal with Ella Powell-Davies moving to Wing Defence, Rachael Fee entering the court at Goal Defence and Lauren Nicholls moving to Centre. Dragons brings the scores back to 1 goal with less than 4 minutes to go. Shaquanda Greene-Noel gets another intercept, but Dragons can’t convert. Clare Jones gives her all to win the ball back for Dragons and they level the scores once again. Dragons centre pass to follow and they get the ball through the hoop. Wasps take the final centre pass of the quarter with 20 seconds to go and they level the scores once again. It’s all to play for in the final 15 minutes.

Quarter 4

A missed goal from Dragons sees Wasps with the ball and they get their one goal lead with their centre pass to follow. Wasps have stepped their defence up another level as Georgia gets pulled for a 3 second call. Annabel Roddy and Shaquanda Greene-Noel are keeping Dragons well in this game as they are giving Dragons posession and level the scores once again. Both defenses have stepped their pressure up as we see both sides make mistakes. Pressure from Clare Jones and the pick-up from Annabel Roddy gives posession back to Dragons, but they can’t convert. Dragons get the back back again, but Rowe is called for an offensive contact. Wasps make changes with less than 5 minutes to go with Lucy Parize coming back on to Goal Attack and Rachel Dunne going back to Shooter. It’s blow for blow as the scores level once again and 2 minutes remain on the clock. The centre pass is going the way of Dragons and they hope to keep the advantage with less than a minute left on the clock. Wasps steal the ball and convert the goal. They take the next centre pass and it goes over the back line, but the buzzer goes and Wasps take the 1 goal win.


Player of the Match – Annabel Roddy


Starting 7

Celtic Dragons

GS – Georgia Rowe

GA – Lefebre Rademan

WA – Laura Rudland

C – Hannah Leighton

WD – Clare Jones

GD – Annabel Roddy

GK – Shaquanda Greene-Noel


Wasps Netball

GS – Rachel Dunn

GA – Lucy Parize

WA – Iona Christian

C – Leah Goss

WD – Lauren Nicholls

GD – Ella Powell-Davies

GK – Josie Huckle