“Our Fans have been Amazing”

“Our Fans have been Amazing”


Leah Middleton has been sharing more about Dragons with Andy Lamb and the Netball Show and how the whole team has been grateful for the support the team has been given throughout the 2023/2024 season so far.

“I think the fan base we’ve had this year is just amazing, ticket sales have gone through the roof as well which is so nice to hear. It’s really good to have such a strong backing and we’re really happy to reward them with some good performances as we finish the season.”

“Sometimes we forget that we are still quite a fresh group of players, we are close off the court and on the court we demand such high standards of each other. it is our first season together, it’s only just over 10 games I’ve played with Jacqui and all little things like that.”

As the season draws to a close Leah admitted that there’s still a lot to play for ahead of the games against Thunder and Lightning, 2 teams that have likely secured a top 4 finish

“There’s minimal points between 8th place and 5th . So every single result matters and it does mean that coming to the closing side of the season goal difference matters.  All those little 1% things that you talk about at the beginning of the season now is when they come into play. Every time you go out, you hope to get a result and maybe cause an upset. 

Dragons are set to play their final two home games of the season against Leeds Rhinos on June 8th and Team Bath on June 15th  at the Utilita Area in Cardiff. Tickets are available https://cardiffdragons.com/nsl-fixtures-and-results/