Round 17 Match Report – LexisNexis Cardiff Dragons vs Leeds Rhinos

Round 17 Match Report – LexisNexis Cardiff Dragons vs Leeds Rhinos


Dragons Show Determination in Thrilling Contest

The Utilita Arena was buzzing with anticipation as fans packed in for the highly awaited clash. The energy was palpable as the Dragons took on the Rhinos, with both teams showcasing their prowess right from the start.

In the opening 15 minutes, the match was a tightly contested affair, with neither side able to establish dominance. The Dragons managed to edge out a slender lead, heading into the second quarter with a single goal advantage.

The battles on the court were intense, particularly the matchups between Rowe and Mentor, and Mvula and Middleton, which provided spectators with gripping moments of high-quality netball. Throughout the second quarter, it was a goal-for-goal exchange that kept everyone on the edge of their seats. However, the Rhinos found an extra gear in the closing minutes of the first half, surging ahead to take a 7-goal lead into the third quarter.

The third quarter was a testament to the Dragons’ resilience and fighting spirit. The game remained feisty, with players giving their all, resulting in several dramatic tumbles and skirmishes on the floor. The crowd’s energy only intensified, roaring support for the Dragons as they fought to narrow the Rhinos’ lead. A crucial defensive turnover allowed the Dragons to claw back two goals in the final minute of the quarter, reducing the deficit to 33-37.

The introduction of Ecuyer-Dale in the third quarter added a fresh spark to the Dragons’ lineup. Despite the impressive efforts of the defensive duo Davies and Mentor, who were instrumental in shutting down the Dragons’ attack and winning crucial possessions, the Dragons continued to show their tenacity. Mvula and Jones were clinical for the Rhinos, converting opportunities at the other end.

In the final quarter, the Dragons gave it their all, but despite their relentless efforts, they were unable to overcome the lead established by the Rhinos in the second quarter. The match concluded with the Rhinos maintaining their advantage, but the Dragons’ spirited performance left a lasting impression on the crowd.

This match was a showcase of determination and high-octane action, with the Dragons proving they are a force to be reckoned with, setting the stage for an exciting season ahead.