London Pulse continue their winning streak to make it 12 wins in a row

London Pulse continue their winning streak to make it 12 wins in a row


As they have in previous matches, Celtic Dragons started their game strongly. They scored the first two goals of the game and lead six goals to three, but London Pulse halted Celtic Dragon’s momentum and scored three goals on the bounce to level the scores. From this point onwards, London Pulse kept chipping away at the scores and slowly began to build a lead.

Pulse lead by two goals when the second quarter started, but the momentum shifted back in Dragon’s favour. They levelled the scores to make it 23 – 23,  but shortly after Pulse turned the ball over and regain their two-goal advantage. They then stretched their lead to six and then goals heading into the second half.

The second half saw the table leaders London Pulse continue to work together to force errors and then capitalise from their gains. Celtic Dragons continued throughout to contest and fight for every ball, but London Pulse managed to stop Celtic Dragons from scoring off their pick-ups. Their goals from turnovers meant that London Pulse had a ten-goal advantage with only 15 minutes remaining in the match.

London Pulse continued as they did all match. Despite Celtic Dragons getting tips, they constantly fought to win ball back to stretch their lead out even further than it was the previous quarter. A flurry of changes came for London Pulse as they had a strong lead over the home team Celtic Dragons. London Pulse continued to slowly build on their lead as they had done all match and they beat Dragons 71 – 53 to give them their 12th win in a row.