Junior Dragons v Team South

Junior Dragons v Team South



Junior Dragons v Team South

Blog by Captain for the day Isabelle Dunsford

Date: 12th January 2013

Venue: Loddon Valley Leisure Centre, Reading

The team headed off early on Saturday morning hoping we would be able to get to Reading and back without getting caught in any snow showers. Quite a few of the parents travelled on the coach from Cardiff, so with people to support Junior Dragons the team were excited to maintain the good form from the Sheffield weekend – unfortunately this was not to be the case.

There was a nervous start to the first quarter and we struggled to get the ball to the circle. There were a few interceptions from defence but still we struggled to convert these to a goal as we made poor errors – bad passing and unforced errors. First quarter ended 12 – 4 to Team South. A few changes in the second quarter and the ball began to flow better on court, however Dragons didn’t seem to look as if the momentum or hunger was there and Team South continued to dominate and stretched their lead to 25 – 10. The game was very physical and Team South used their strength against our young team to their advantage. Their shooters rarely missed and they were able to get the ball to the circle without any difficulty and Quarter 3 ended 38 – 19. The final quarter was the closest in terms of goals, with the Dragons scoring 7 and Team South scoring 8 to end the game 46 – 26.

The game was disappointing for all of us, in future we need to stick to the basics, to work harder and play more as a team if we are to win future games. No excuses, we did not play well and need to listen to the feedback from Melissa if we are to win our next game against Team Bath.


Q1 Beth Davies GK, Meg Powell GD, Fern Davies WD, Isabelle Dunsford C, Hari Truman WA, Chloe James GA, Eleanor Roberts GS.

Q2 Beth GK, Fern GD, Chloe Maclennan WD, Isabelle C, Chloe James WA, Eloise Skinner GA, Georgia Rowe GS

Q3 Beth GK, Chloe M GD, Nia Cook WD, Hari C, Chloe J WA, Eloise GA, Eleanor GS

Q4 Chloe M GK, Meg GD, Nia WD, Isabelle C, Eloise WA, Chloe J GA, Georgia GS

Opposition voted Nia Cook player of the match.