Dragons push Bath until the end

Dragons push Bath until the end


Round 18 Match Report – Celtic Dragons vs Team Bath

Quarter 1

Clare Jones gets the game started by taking the first centre pass. Off Bath’s first centre pass, Dragons force Bath to make errors and get a 5-0 lead early in the first quarter. With 10 minutes to go, Dragons lead 6-1 and Bath make a substitution. Kim Borger goes to the bench with Hannah Passmore taking the goal shooter bib. With the change in effect, Bath win the ball back get a run of gaols, bringing them back to within 2 goals. Rachel Shaw will know that Nia Jones is back on court ad they battle with each other. Bath bring the scores back level with 3 minutes remaining and it’s all to play for in the remaining minutes of the first quarter. Layla Gusgoth and Shaquanda Greene-Noel both win balls back for their squads, but it’s Team Bath that take a slight lead going into the second quarter.


Quarter 2

Dragons start the centre off once again and they patiently work the ball into the shooting circle to get the scores within 1 goal. Both teams are stepping up the defensive pressure with intercepts one after the other, coming from Gusgoth, Allison and Clare Jones. Dragons get the first goal and settle the play with a goal which gets the home team back to within 1. The momentum is shifting after every intercept and neither team can score. Bath add one more to their score and take a 3 goal lead with 6 minutes remaining. Shaquanda once again gets an intercept and Lefebre Rademan finishes the play off with a sweet long shot to bring Dragons back to 2 goals in this exciting match. Annabel Roddy keeps the Dragons momentum going and gets another intercept in the Bath attacking third, but Dragons can’t get the goal that would narrow the scores to 1. Bath change their team and switch Imogen Allison to Wing Defence and bring Jess Shaw on to Centre. With the ball swinging Bath’s way again, they take the score out to 5 goals. Annabel Roddy tries to help Dragons get the score back within 5 with an intercept, but the buzzer beats them.


Quarter 3

To start the quarter off, Laura Rudland makes way for Shona O’Dwyer in the goal attack position for Dragons. Phumza Maweni flies for the ball and gets the intercept for Bath off the Dragons centre pass. They add 2 more to the board to start the quarter off with a score of 20 – 27. Dragons settle into the third quarter and get a goal on the board. Shaquanda continues where she finished in the first half with another tip, but the ball falls into Bath’s hands. Another tip and collection for Shaquanda Greene-Noel, but she just puts a toe out of court! Dragons gain momentum and the possession with a breaking call from Bath. Dragons centre pass follows and they get the scores back to within 6 goals. The team effort from Dragons, allows them to get back within 5 goals with 2 minutes to go. Dragons miss the opportunity to get back within 4 goals with 10 seconds remaining with a tip from Gusgoth.


Quarter 4

The pressure comes from Dragons to start the quarter as they gain possession from the Bath centre pass! They get back to within 3 goals. Shaquanda gets the offensive contact and lets out a big scream of joy as Dragons get closer to Bath. Hannah Leighton and Imogen Allison go tumbling as Bath gain possession. Georgia Rowe helps with her team’s defence and gets the possession back for her team. Hannah Leighton with her huge vertical jump keeps the ball in for Dragons, as they get the goal and stay within reach of Team Bath. Annabel Roddy almost gets an important intercept for Dragons, but is called by the umpire for being out of court. Dragons players aren’t giving Bath an inch as they try to get the scores even closer. Natasha Pavelin re-enters the court at Wing Defence as Imogen Allison goes off the court injured. The turnover comes for Dragons and they get back to within 5 with 1 minute remaining. Dragons can’t push past the 5 goal barrier that Bath have created as the final whistle goes. Team Bath win 49 to Celtic Dragons 44.


Player of the Match – Shaquanda Greene-Noel


Starting 7’s

Celtic Dragons

GS – Georgia Rowe

GA – Lefebre Rademan

WA – Laura Rudland

C – Clare Jones

WD – Nia Jones

GD – Annabel Roddy

GK – Shaquanda Greene-Noel


Team Bath

GS – Kim Borger

GA – Sophie Drakeford-Lewis

WA – Rachel Shaw

C – Imogen Allison

WD – Natasha Pavelin

GD – Layla Gusgoth

GK – Phumza Maweni