Celtic Dragons vs Surrey Storm Match Report

Celtic Dragons vs Surrey Storm Match Report


Celtic Dragons kick the game off with the first centre pass. Georgia Rowe misses the first shot, but soon after converts the goal. A big ball into Proscovia Peace levels the scores early and it’s game on. A Rebound by Dragons and a strong take by Nia Jones on the edge of the circle sees Dragons transition the ball from defence to attack. A crucial rebound by Georgia Rowe sees them convert the Surrey Storm turnover and go 1 up with the next centre pass. Dragons go three up with 4 minutes gone on the clock. After their run of goals, Dragons push the ball too far and Surrey Storm take the back line and convert it down the other end. Storm level the game with 5 minutes gone of the first half. A footwork call by Lefébre sees Storm take the ball, but Dragons’ Nia Jones takes an intercept and the goal is converted. Smooth play from both teams sees the game go goal-for-goal for the middle part of the first quarter. The ball is pushed a bit too far for Shona and Surrey Storm gain possession. 2 crucial offensive contacts called against Storm give Dragons a last-minute surge of goals, but the buzzer beats Georgia Rowe, giving Storm a 1 goal lead going into the second quarter.

Dragons take the first centre of quarter 2 and make it a level playing field. Shona O’Dwyer gets a footwork call against her and Surrey Storm convert. A run of turnovers by both teams sees te ball going back and forth but results in a goal by Rowe. After a held ball was called in the Dragons attack end, a huge intercept by Shaquanda is completed with a Dragons goal. Celtic Dragons defensive pressure sees them level the scores once again and no side can pull away. A tip from Kwangwa followed by a Lead Middleton pickup sees Storm take the scores out to 3 with 4 minutes left to go until the half time whistle. A burst of energy from Shaquanda Greene-Noel, followed by a Clare Jones intercept with 30 seconds to go, drags the scores back to a 1 goal deficit going into half time.

A few changes from both teams sees Clare Jones takes to the bench, meaning Shona O’Dwyer moves to Centre, and Laura Rudland take the wing attack bib. Surrey Storm follow the same approach with Mikki Austin taking to the bench, Yasmin Parsons moving to the centre position and Sophia Candappa moving to Wing Attack. The Dragons pressure continues with the first centre pass going over the back line for Surrey Storm. An offensive contact by Proscovia Peace gives Dragons a penalty which is converted by Lefébre Rademan giving Dragons an early 2 goal lead. The offensive contacts are being called by the umpires with both Georgia Rowe and Proscovia Peace standing out of play. Dragons take a 3 goal lead half way into the third quarter. Unfortunately we see Kwangwa receive medical attention on court for what looks to be an ankle injury. Grace Sullivan replaces Felistus in the goal defence position and the game resumes. A missed shot by Wells is rebounded by Shaquanda Greene-Noel followed by a quick transition to attack. A tip by Nia Jones shortly follows shifting the momentum of the game Dragons way. A Dragons back line pass transitions down the court and is finished off with a smooth shot from Georgia Rowe who is on one foot and off balance. Dragons take a 2 goal lead into the final 15 minutes of the match.

Surrey Storm bring Mikki Austin back on as the players take their positions for the last quarter. Early intercepts from Leah Middleton and Frankie Wells sees Surrey Storm change the momentum and take a 3 goal lead. No team can break away and the players aren’t slowing down. An offensive contact by Sophia Candappa gives Dragons the ball which could just be the turnover they need. Dragons convert and bring the game back to 1 goal with just 90 seconds to go. Surrey Storm score a crucial goal, taking their lead out to 2. In the dying seconds of the game, Nia Jones gets a massive intercept which Georgia Rowe converts. With Dragon a Dragons centre pass and with 5 seconds to go, the ball gets to Georgia Rowe, but sees her get called for the offensive contact. Surrey Storm take the win 54-53.

Lefébre Rademan takes the player of the match award after an outstanding game. Next up Dragons take on Manchester Thunder at home on Saturday 2nd April in a round 1 rematch. You can buy your tickets here