Celtic Clash lives up to expectations

Celtic Clash lives up to expectations


Round 19 Match Report – Celtic Dragons vs Strathclyde Sirens

Match Report – Celtic Dragons vs Strathclyde Sirens

Quarter 1

Gia Abernathy takes the first centre pass of the Celtic clash at Sport Wales. Both teams start with patience as the first 3 minutes go goal-for-goal. Shaquanda steals the ball from Sirens off their centre pass and Lefébre Rademan finishes the passage of play off with a goal to give

Dragons the early lead. Sirens don’t let Dragons lead for long, as Vinkhumbo and Rowe battle it out with Towers becoming victorious as Sirens level the scores. After the defensive pressure ramps up for Sirens, McKeveitt gets the tip to give Sirens a run of goals, eventually leading to a 5 goal lead with 6 minutes to go. Shaquanda Greene-Noel is giving her all to keep Dragons within reach of Sirens. Shona O’Dwyer enters the court for Dragons to give Sirens something to think about in defence. Shaquanda Greene-Noel gets the ball back again for Dragons, hoping to give them some momentum as they enter the last minute of the first quarter.


Quarter 2

Emma Barrie goes to the bench and Goodwin steps into the goal shooter bib to start the second quarter. Dragons start the quarter with more defensive pressure than the last. Neither team can score in the first 2 minutes of the second quarter. In the third minute, each team settle and get a goal, but Shaquanda wants this win for Dragons in their final home match of the season. She forces Sirens to place the ball over the back line as they get within 1. Greene-Noel gets an intercept, to get Dragons the chance to go level, but she just falls offside giving Sirens back possession. Shaquanda wins another ball for Dragons and Lefébre throws a long ball into Georgia to get Dragons once again within touching distance of Sirens. A breaking call on the next centre pass from Dragons gives possession back to Sirens, who then charge ahead and stretch their lead back out to 3 goals. Annabel gets the defensive rebound for Dragons and the ball streams down court. Their centre pass to follow and they are 1 goal behind Sirens once again. Dragons score off their next centre pass to level the scores in this intense game! Hannah Leighton comes through with an intercept to level the scores once again and the whistle blows for half time.


Quarter 3

Clare Jones enters the court for Dragons at centre to start the second half. Emily Nicholl gets a tip off the Dragons centre pass; the first of the quarter and Sirens go 1 goal up with 20 seconds gone on the clock. Shaquanda Greene-Noel gets the tip and Annabel Roddy collects the ball for Dragons to get them back within 2 goals after Sirens’ run of goals. Towera Vinkhumbo, snatches the ball from Georgia Rowe to give Sirens possession, but Dragons get the ball back to remain within 3 of Sirens, The offensive contact is called against Sirens and Dragons gain possession. Dragons close the gap and get the score back to 2. It’s the battle of the goal keepers as Vinkhumbo wins the ball back again for Sirens who get their 2 goal lead back. Annabel Roddy picks up the ball for Dragons to hopefully gain momentum, but Sirens steal the ball back giving them a 5 goal lead going into the final 15 minutes of this round 19 match.


Quarter 4

Kelly Boyle enters the court for Sirens at Wing Attack. Sirens start the quarter off strong by adding more goals to their score. After a defensive lift from Sirens, Sirens get out to an 11 goal lead with 10 minutes to go. Hannah Leighton and Laura Rudland enter the court for Dragons to hopefully gain momentum and Shaquanda gets the intercept for her team. Sirens lead by 10 goals with 5 minutes to go and Dragons gain possession, but they throw the ball over the back line, too far for Rowe to grab. Dragons make a duo of changes, with Philippa Yarranton entering at goal shooter and Leila Thomas coming to court at goal defence. 2 last minute intercepts from Shaquanda couldn’t reduce the score as Sirens come out victorious in the Celtic Clash.


Player of the match – Shaquanda Greene-Noel


Starting 7

Celtic Dragons

GS- Georgia Rowe

GA- Lefebre Rademan

WA- Laura Rudland

C- Hannah Leighton

WD- Nia Jones (c)

GD- Annabel Roddy

GK- Shaquanda Greene-Noel


Strathclyde Sirens

GS- Emma Barrie

GA- Niamh McCall

WA- Beth Dix

C- Gia Abernethy (c)

WD- Taylor McKevitt

GD- Emily Nicholl

GK- Towera Vinkhumbo