""30 April 2013

Celtic Dragons beat TeamBath last night in a well executed display of attacking Netball, with consistently accurate feeding to shooting star Lottysha Cato.

Dragons took a lead from the first whistle and remained on the front foot for the majority of the sixty minutes, though Bath’s determination and fight saw them draw level and gain a one point advantage several times in the latter stages of the game.

Dragons Coach Melissa Hyndman said her side was competitive from the first whistle.

“We knew it was going to be goal for goal and we’re strong enough mentally and physically to maintain that and for me that’s exciting.”

Hyndman’s not entirely happy with the performance and is still pushing for a lot more from her starters.

“I was disappointed to see so many bad passing errors from my starting seven – that’s unacceptable, but happy obviously because we believed that we could win, and I think there was just a little hurdle to overcome for the girls to understand that yes this is a great team and we do have what it takes.”

Self belief won the game for the Dragons who remained focused and composed but hungry for the victory.

Patient short passes and off ball movement in and out of the yellow and blue players enabled Dragons to control the game, however Serena Guthrie impressed with athletic jumps and twists, managing to disrupt the flow.

Bath’s attacking force seemed unable to make the turnovers count, whilst Dragons shooters Cato and Emma Thomas were on target.

Bath’s youngster Samantha Cook again showed tons of promise in defence for Coaches Jess Thirlby (Bath) and Anna Mayes (England) who was also in attendance.

Notching up three points for the win for Dragons doesn’t affect the current ladder positions as Bath are still ahead on goal difference, but Celtic have the home advantage in their next two games whilst Bath will play away.

This win ensures Dragons a place in the semi finals, but whether home or away will depend on the next two rounds of results, however crucially it cements a self belief in the side who are fast becoming the talk of the league.

 Final score TeamBath 58, Celtic Dragons 66