Jacqui Newton x The Netball Show

Jacqui Newton x The Netball Show


Jacqui Newton has joined Cardiff Dragons for 2024. The experienced GD / GK has already shown a strong partnership on court with Leah Middleton in the early rounds for the side and she has been reflecting on her time in the Netball Super League so far and how she is finding life in Cardiff.

Jacqui’s decision to move to the Super League in the UK was something she took on her own merit and she didn’t take advice from ex Magpies teammate Geva Mentor.

“To be honest. We both kind of went about our business our own ways and then when I saw that she’d signed up for a team (Leeds Rhinos) it was nice knowing that I’d at least know someone over here when I moved.”

“I had heard a lot of different things about the Super League from a few different people so I felt that I had all the information and resources that I needed and it really helped me with my decision”

Jacqui on move overseas and playing in Super League

“I don’t think I had a goal to be in the Super League specifically, but I was definitely very interested in the experience that it could provide to me. Obviously moving across the world having that UK exposure and then having Europe next door it just definitely offered a completely different experience compared to living in Melbourne, where I’ve lived for the past eight or nine years, this has been a really massive job, yeah. “

Jacqui is pleased to call Cardiff her new home

“I love Cardiff, It’s great. The fact that I like it so much now when it’s quite cold and miserable!. It’s going to get better when it gets warmer. I really like it   I’m not sure if it’s a mixture of the place itself or just the people here. I just love the people who are my teammates. That just made me so welcoming. That’s really hard for me not to love where I am. So yeah, I’m very lucky. “

Jacqui is pleased on how Cardiff Dragons have started their 2024 Netball Super League Season

“Yeah, 100%. Obviously we have had a strong start, it could definitely be stronger having more one win, one loss, one draw. Obviously we would like those to be three wins, but we’re just happy that we can put out a brand of netball that brands the Dragons name which obviously didn’t have too much success last year or in previous years. We just want to show people that that’s not who we are anymore. I think we’re doing the right job that so far, so hopefully we can keep the fans enthralled and we can keep those wins coming.”

The Cardiff Dragons defence includes rising star Nansi Kuti, Lucy Howells and fellow Australian Leah Middleton – how does she feel that defence partnership is working already? 

“I’m absolutely loving it. People think just because we’re both Australian that we’ve defended together before or would have some special bond. But we’ve actually never played together. I think we played against each other years and years ago in a tournament but she was in age groups above me. I am just stoked that I’ve come over and its like we’ve been defending together for years – let along a few games into the season. I feel lucky on that.”

Dragons are coached by the highly experience Jill McIntosh who has brought a new flair to Dragons performances thats been shown already for 2024. Jacqui explains she is learning from her coaching.

“I have not worked with Jill at all and I’m loving it. She’s to the point, you know exactly what she’s thinking, what she’s saying, what she loves. You know, if you’ve played a good game, if she tells you “Good Game Jacq”, you can really take it as a genuine comment because if there’s something need to work on you know.”

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